Bendix Systems Engineer (HVAC) in Westminster, Maryland

Systems Engineer (HVAC)

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Job Description

Purpose and Objective of the Position:

The HVAC System Engineer is responsible for the execution of the design and development of Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems and controls for passenger rail transit vehicles. The HVAC System Engineers are assigned the title of Project Engineer for the projects they are responsible for effecting.

The primary objectives of this position are to develop the HVAC systems on-time, within the approved budget, and specification compliant while achieving a high level of customer satisfaction minimizing or mitigating risks.

The Project Engineer is the primary technical contact with the customer and is responsible for the overall HVAC system design, including calculations, integration, testing, commissioning and customer training. The HVAC systems engineer is responsible for the HVAC load calculations and selecting the major components of the system. They ensure the progress of the detail design development meets the project requirements, whilst ensuring specification compliance, or waivers are approved.

Major Responsibilities of the position:

  • Review customer specifications.

  • Perform system performance calculation.

  • Prepare technical proposals.

  • Develop system specifications.

  • Develop system schematics (piping & wiring interfaces) and keep updated.

  • Create system bill of materials, keep update, and provide costing estimates per system bill of materials.

  • Development of component specifications/requirements.

  • Monitor/assure specifications compliance.

  • Provide customer “feedback” to design engineers and marketing.

  • Provide engineering task schedule input to Project management.

  • Identify component level tasks and responsibilities, and guide/direct/monitor individuals as necessary.

  • Review and Approve Customer Manuals and Training Materials produced by the Engineering Services Department.

Major Challenges:

  • Simultaneously satisfying customer needs and continual requests while not adversely affecting the project schedule, component deliverables and financial health of the program and company.

  • Development of safe and reliable brake systems, in a cost effective manner.

  • Development of a brake system which is technically and commercially superior to the competitions and meeting the minimum customer valid requirements.

  • Efficient management of time, timely completion of tasks and projects.

Decision making:

  • Technical authority in the proposal and development of brake system design with department managers final approval.

  • Authority in selection of components from existing product lines/purchased items or the initiation of new designs.

  • Involved in recommendations of developing new product lines in order to fulfill customer requirements.

Dimensions:(Quantitative data applicable to the position’s impact or effect on the company; e.g. sales volume, operating budget, etc.)

Required Experience


Technical and Professional Requirements

Engineering Principles: Broad experience and good theoretical knowledge of engineering principles:

  • Thermodynamics (Refrigeration cycle, thermal calculations, Fluid dynamics)

  • ASHRAE fundamentals and industry requirements

  • Industrial controls

  • Proficient in machine design,

  • Manufacturing practices,

  • Value engineering,

  • Reliability, maintainability, safety and human factors

  • Electrical/electronic controls

Software Experience: Should understand software development process and capabilities of microprocessor based systems:

  • Define requirements for software (SRS)

  • Specify hardware performance requirements (HRS)

  • Trouble shoot and test microprocessor based equipment (at the black box level)

  • Define system diagnostic functions to be performed by the microprocessor

Business Experience: Must have good business sense.

  • Estimate costs

  • Make good business decisions

  • Risk assessments

Industry Experience:

  • Knowledge and practical understanding of HVAC or similar equipment and principles

  • Experience with ground mobile equipment preferred

  • Experience with integrated electro-mechanical systems

  • Hands-on experience with electro-mechanical systems

  • Demonstrated leadership in project environment

Process Orientation:

  • Must understand and practice good organization and configuration management skills

  • BOM structuring

  • Configuration/Change ControlComputer Literacy;

  • Proficient with spreadsheets (Excel)

  • Scheduling (Primavera, Project)

  • Word processing programs (Word)

  • Presentation software (PowerPoint)

Leadership and Teamwork:

  • Must be able to clearly define requirements and expectations to others (Project Manager, Customer, Engineers, Purchasing, etc.)

  • Must be able to work well in a team environment both internally and with customers.

  • Must be an effective negotiator (Internal departments, European partners Customers, End Users)

  • Strong problem solving and trouble shooting abilities

  • Must have a strong desire to succeed with high expectations, both of themselves and othersProfessional Writing: Must be able to write clear and precise specificationsTime Management:

  • Must be able to read a large volume of material (usually customer specifications) and ascertain the salient points

  • Manage multiple and conflicting priorities.

Communication Skills:

  • Must have effective communications and presentations skills

  • "Sell themselves and the company"

  • Design Reviews

  • Technical Presentations

  • Multi-lingual capabilities preferred (Spanish, French, German)


  • Must be energetic, hard-working and willing to put in an extra effort when required.

  • Flexibility:

  • Must be able to travel on short notice and sometimes for several weeks at a time (normally travel should be 20% or less). Senior level positions demand erratic periods of “unscheduled” travel, such as: 1-15 days/week for 1-3 week periods. Position will require international travel.


Job Location

Westminster, Maryland, United States

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